CH-335A | Boss CEO Leather Office Chairs

Product Detail:

  1. 1. PU leather cover, high density molded foam seat with sliding function
  2. 2. Nylon back, 3 angles locking multifunctional synchro mechanism
  3. 3. 3D adjustable PU armrest
  4. 4. Chrome gas lift, aluminum base, nylon caster


ROME design is inspired by ancient Roman architecture. From the grand and solemn architectural complex, designers are inspired by wisdom and art, combining ancient Roman architectural elements with products, shaping ROME’s rigorous and intelligent posture in a collision of ideas.

01 Luxurious Headrest, Aristocratic Enjoyment

Soft leather headrest design, soft pressure relief, noble texture, sit and enjoy the joy of success.


02 Deeply Recessed Comfortable Wrap-around Backrest

Bringing the user a sense of serenity and calm security, with U-shaped electroplated alloy, craftsmanship, modern sense.


03 Soft-wrapped Armrest, Strong Support

The surface of the armrest is wrapped by a layer of leather, which is smooth and delicate to the touch; the oar-shaped fixed armrest strongly supports your left arm and right arm, which makes your daily work more flexible.


04  3-lock tilting mechanism, work and leisure at the same time
The seat comes with a three-position tilt locking function, applicable to a variety of human body state, whether busy work, or a short break, can be synchronised to meet, timely replenishment of body energy, full of vitality.



05 Sliding Cushion to Relieve Pressure
Seat selected Zhongtai 787 mechanism, can quickly respond to the instructions, the operation becomes simple and sensitive, with the structure of the sliding plate to meet the cushion before and after the sliding function, effectively soothing sedentary state of the thigh muscles, so that a long time to work more easily.


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