Sitzone new showroom

“The space layout combines virtual and reality, with independent divisions and integration. The rhythmic movement line design reserves appropriate space for walking, standing, and experience.”



Pushing the door and stepping into the front hall, the mirrored ceiling is refracted by the light, and you can feel the blend of reality and virtual in the space. Under the focus of spotlights, the office chairs just like the pieces of art, showing outstanding posture.


 Going to the right and enter the mysterious and romantic hall, under the starry sky ceiling, a little bit of starlight, like roaming the universe galaxy, appreciate the color of space.Vigorous branches grow in the glass showcase. The independent space, like an image from a distant planet, it is full of unknown mysteries, showing the infinite possibilities of space design.


The simple design, exquisite layout, under the guidance of lighting, a dignified and elegant atmosphere blows on the face, the wildness brought by leather and the natural restraint of aluminum alloy show the extraordinary design charm.202110290948036819

202110290948355267On both sides of the corridor, you can see a dazzling array of mesh chair. Under the guidance of lighting, the sense of spatial hierarchy is enriched. Whether in semi-enclosed space, open space, or aisle display, each mesh chair can present a unique Beauty.




202110290950403348Enter the display area of multifunctional chairs. Door openings of different sizes are combined to retain the mystery of the space. Under the interval of the art glass, you can feel the rhythm of the change of space. The multifunctional chairs are displayed against the wall, concise and tidy, arranged in different colors, like beating notes, playing relaxed and happy movements.202110290951266129We hope that we can continue to break through the boundaries of space and explore the deeper meaning of office culture by re-make this new exhibition hall ,  Let customers be more intuitive and easier to understand the essence of Sitzone’s product design, and bring a profound user experience through rich and diverse presentation methods.

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