CH-319C | Middle back leather visitor chair

Product Detail:

  1. 1. PU leather cover, high density molded foam seat with sliding function
  2. 2. Nylon back, 4 angles locking multifunctional synchro mechanism
  3. 3. 3D adjustable PU armrest
  4. 4. Chrome gas lift, aluminum base, nylon caster

01 Backrest

Fits the body curves and ergonomically creates a comfortable body feel.


02 Armrest

One-piece sparkle design, armrests can be wrapped in leather.


03 cushion seat

Excellent selection of good materials, lychee grain leather, comfortable sitting for a long time without getting tired.


04 Base

One-piece bending moulding, firm, stronger load-bearing capacity, special stainless steel, plus non-slip pads to protect your safety.


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