CH-349A | Middle Back Leather Swivel Chair

Product Detail:

  1. 1. PU leather cover, high density molded foam seat with sliding function
  2. 2. Nylon back, 4 angles locking multifunctional synchro mechanism
  3. 3. 3D adjustable PU armrest
  4. 4. Chrome gas lift, aluminum base, nylon caster


The design is inspired by the petal shape in nature, and the designer refined the curves of the petals to form the appearance of the leather chair. The cushion and armrests use curved lines to transition smoothly, presenting a one-piece design, so that it has a simple and smooth form, and at the same time, has a comfortable and fitting sitting experience.

01 Zero-feeling armrests for unimpeded communication

Integration of home office concept, weakening the presence of armrests, to achieve the integration of armrests and cushions design, breaking the handrail space obstacles, to bring people closer to each other, to create a casual, dynamic office space, so that people are more in-depth, more efficient to start communication.


02 Curved cushion design

Fitting the hip muscle line, the cushion is slightly raised on both sides, increasing the hip support area, effectively relaxing the muscles, enjoying the comfortable enjoyment brought by the oversized package, and making people’s conversations easier and more enjoyable.

03 Precision turning line, exquisite craftsmanship

The most important place for leather goods is the stitching process at the connection. The use of German imported sewing machine precision car line, regular alignment, revealing the superior quality of the leather seat, and further extend the practical value of leather.


04 Lift up and down, adjust as you wish

The seat comes with up and down 10cm lowering adjustment function, applicable to a variety of height people to use, long legs can also be freely placed.


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