CH-366A | Leather office chair for home office

Product Detail:

  1. 1. PU leather cover, high density molded foam seat with sliding function
  2. 2. Nylon back, 4 angles locking multifunctional synchro mechanism
  3. 3. 3D adjustable PU armrest
  4. 4. Chrome gas lift, aluminum base, nylon caster


Art comes from life. The designer’s inspiration comes from the car’s full-wrap seat cover. The car seat cover is integrated into the full set of fabric office chair design, on the one hand, it protects the lumbar cushion, prevents dust intrusion, and prolongs the use of the lumbar cushion. On the other hand, it also plays a decorative role, series of colours, suitable for different user groups.

Breaking the design of the full network office chair, the value of a hundred, curved sitting comfort, add freshness to your office.


01 Full wrap-around lifting headrests

Adjustable up and down to meet your neck needs, professional-grade neck support, scientific care.


02 Real-time fit to support the lumbar spine

Hidden lumbar support supports lumbar vertebrae at all times, flexible PP material, combined with comfortable leather, multi-dimensional wrapping lumbar, shaping a healthy sitting posture.


03 Multi-dimensional armrest adjustment

4D multi-dimensional adjustable armrests, height multi-stage locking, to meet a variety of sitting posture arm support, as you wish.


04 Sliding seat depth for precise adjustment

Seat depth is easily adjustable, sliding back and forth 5cm to meet the needs of different users.


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