CH-388A | leather office boss chair

Product Detail:

  1. 1. PU leather cover, high density molded foam seat with sliding function
  2. 2. Nylon back, 4 angles locking multifunctional synchro mechanism
  3. 3. 3D adjustable PU armrest
  4. 4. Chrome gas lift, aluminum base, nylon caster


The design of NOVA office chair is inspired by nature’s pebbles. The designer expresses the texture and appearance of NOVA office chair by refining the smooth appearance and colour of pebbles.

The unique shape conveys the aesthetics of sleekness and elegance while combining strength and character, giving it a simple and soft appearance while providing users with a comfortable seating experience.

01 Soft & Elegant, Comfortable to Sit

The soft lines of the pebbles outline a comfortable, wide seat profile that curves in just the right amount for good comfort and wrap.


02 6-locking Tilt Mechanism, Backed by Strength

Humanised tilting adjustment, with six tilting angles, flexible and responsive to the different use of the human body.


03 Curved Soothing Headrest

Curve curve, professional level neck support, scientific traction to take care of the head, effectively relieve the work pressure.


04 Wrap-around One-piece Chair

The backrest and armrests are designed as a single unit, wrapping the body in an embracing style, which makes the seat feel soft and comfortable no matter if you are sitting or leaning back.


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