CH-523 | Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair with Armrest


YNG Series is inspired by the English letter “Y”, with three-point support design, to provide a stable support system for leaning, “Y” word in the middle of the bright plating elements embellished with a sense of vitality. The overall more rounded style is more suitable for modern young and simple office environment.

01 Y-shaped Back Frame, Combines Mechainsm & Aesthetics

Three-point support is more stable, which is also exquisite and dynamic with electroplating elements.


02 8cm Thicken Molded Foam Cushion

The arc-shaped design fits the curve of the human body’s buttocks and legs, and is filled with thickened molded foam with excellent resillience, making it soft and comfortable.


03 4cm Height Adjustable Headrest

Lined with shaped sponge padding, high quality leather cover, curved surface design fits the human neck curve.


04 3-lock Tilting Mechanism with 125°

Adopting 3-lock butterfly mechanism, supporting multi-angle tilt adjustment, 3 gears correspond to different working conditions, free adjustment of the tilt angle, work, leisure state switch freely, and Combine work and leisure.


05 6cm Height Adjustable Lumbar Support

Adopting mesh sponge lumbar support, softer and more breathable than ordinary plastic lumbar support, designed according to ergonomics, breathable and comfortable, soft support for the lumbar region, dispersing local pressure, and take care of your lumbar health.


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